When using Blancco Virtual Machine Eraser on-demand version on ESXi so that the configured license provider is Management Console, Blancco Virtual gives following error message when attempting erasure:

Connect: connection timed out
Failed to open connection to host.


One of the possible causes is that the communication port being used is blocked by the firewall between the ESXi host and the Blancco Management Console.

By default the standard communication port used by Management Console is blocked in ESXi firewall.


Make sure to allow traffic in ESXi firewall to the port which is being used for Management Console communication.

The port used for Management Console communication is defined during the Management Console installation and can be reconfigured afterwards from the server.xml located under the installation directory.

As a default Management Console uses HTTP port 8080 and HTTPS port 8443.

If the issue persists after allowing the traffic on corresponding ports, you can contact Technical Support team by reporting an incident through the Support Portal.